While having no minimum investment, Connect Manitoba Growth Fund targets investments between $2 to $8 million per transaction. Transactions often take additional patient capital which is achieved through syndication with multiple private equity funds under Westcap’s management. We invest in Manitoba companies that have strong leadership teams that can execute strategies and exhibit potential for growth and value creation.

Target Investment Strategies

Exclusively targeting Manitoba companies, the Fund is sector-agnostic and given its geographic focus, fund investments will generally reflect the Manitoba economy and have a mid to long-term investment horizon. We are not company operators, preferring to work closely alongside management partners to provide a combination of strategic, operational, and financial support with a patient capital approach to allow companies the time they need to thrive and achieve their growth objectives.  Flexible in the form of investment and deal structure and expecting market-level returns, the types of investments considered include:

Late-Stage Venture Capital
Late-stage venture capital is defined as companies that have moved beyond the initial startup phase and are now seeking additional funding to further scale their operations. These companies have proven business models, a solid customer base, and consistent revenue growth. They are on the cusp of becoming market leaders and are preparing for significant market or product expansion or strategic acquisitions.

Growth Equity
Growth equity investments target companies that have reached a point where they are looking to scale significantly. These investments are typically more mature as they are established companies with a history of profitability and positive cash flows. The capital is often used to finance manufacturing capacity expansion, geographic market expansion, or acquisitions.

Ownership Transition (Management Buyout – MBO)
An MBO is an event where a company’s existing management team purchases the majority or minority stake of the company from the founder who is seeking ownership succession planning due to age or retirement. The Fund would provide the necessary capital and strategic support and expertise. MBOs are ideal for ensuring the continuity of a business’s operations and preserving its corporate culture and local leadership identity.


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